The Project

Everyone and their dog has started a blog (hey that rhymed! - I'm good at this writing gig). People challenge themselves to a task - home cooking, exercising, weight loss, home renovations, etc, and write about it hoping people without anything better to do will read their words and stroke their ego.
Well, I'm not very good at sticking to things. I get distracted easily and lose interest. I am a really awesome excuse-maker - I can justify ice cream for breakfast and not miss a beat. I needed to think of something I could really invest in, something that would be a positive addition to my life. I started thinking.... I have two young boys (4 & 10months - I'm constantly wiping bums and tripping over Lego), a husband who was laid of in June and is heading back to school next month, and I am on maternity leave but returning to my job as a high school English teacher in 8 weeks. So, what could possibly improve my life? I thought, I meditated, I consulted with my other personalities, and all paths lead to the same destination: the answer, my friends, is more alcohol, of course!

Here is the project: Every Saturday I vow to test a new bottle of my favorite red, Shiraz. It is going to be a difficult mission, but I am confident I will rise to the occasion in order to help others choose the best bottle (I'm selfless like that). Actually it will really serve as a way for me to remember what I like, because, frankly, my kids are lucky if I remember to feed them. My husband has generously volunteered to help me polish off each bottle - and I hope to share some Shiraz with Guest Testers along the way.

I do not proclaim to be a wine expert. I know nothing about the properties of wine or the process of turning turning a fruit that I feed my kids as a snack into a beautiful beverage that they can only watch me consume. So, you won't find any talk of hind notes or aromas or whatever else wine-gurus talk about. Here, on my blog, you will find only layman's terms of yummy-ness, tipsy-factor, pretty labels and price.