The Wines in One-Line Review

Errazuriz (Chile - 2009)
Good, but not for the faint of heart.

Rymill (Australia - 2009)

Long Flat Destinations (Australia - 2008)
You're nice, I like you, but I already have a lot of friends.

Wyndham Estate Bin 555 (Australia - 2008)
A great wine that should satisfy every taste.

Misterio (Argentina - 2009)
Mystery solved = don't buy it.

Wakefield (Australia - 2008)
A stand out.

The Wolftrap (South Africa - 2009)
Don't get trapped by the wolf - I did and I ended up drinking the entire bottle of medicore at best wine.

Wolf Blass Premium (Australia - 2008)
Best of the best, and best of the blog.

La Chamiza (Argentina - 2010)
Has character, but wouldn't stand out in a crowd.

Jindalee (Australia - 2009)
Could improve with age - stick it in the cellar and wait a year or two before consuming.

Billyrock Station (Australia - ????)
Good things can come in cans.

Kanga Reserve (Australia - ????)
Basic teetering on bland, but saves you some bucks.

Hardy's Stamp of Australia Shiraz Cabernet (Australia - 2010)
A solid choice for red wine enthusiasts.

Rosemount (Australia - 2009)
I will definitely buy this again, especially to gift to someone whose wine preferences are unknown.

Pelee Island Winery (Canada - 2005)
A perfect and dangerously easy-drinking Shiraz.

Two Oceans (South Africa - 2009)
Double the Oceans, double the tastelessness.

Jacob's Creek Rose (Australia)
Well, it's okay for a Rose and better than a white. I guess.

Wolf Blass Eaglehawk (Australia)
Mr. Blass - you are a true friend of mine.

French Cross (Canada - ????)
If you only have $10 pick up Copper Moon or Gato Negro instead.

Banrock Station (Australia - 2008)
Good for you, bad for me.

Obikwa (South Africa - 2009)
I won't buy again, but would drink it if it were free.

Lindeman's Bin 50 (Australia - 2010)
Thank you, come again.

Cookoothama (Australia - 2008)
It's not you, it's me.

Labroure-Roi (France - 2007)
I wouldn't classify it as gross, just boring.

Quinta S. Joao Batista (Portugal - 2007)
Gone too fast.

Balance (South Africa - 2010)
A perfect balance of cheap and gross.

Hardy's Oomoo (Australia - 2007)
Good - but not good enough to live up to its pricetag.

Stone Cellars (California - 2008)
We can become good friends this wine and me. 

Barefoot (California - ??)
It makes my tongue feel tingly.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen (Spain - 2008)
It did have bite - but in a good way.

Jacob's Creek (Australia - 2007)
Solid and sharp.

Angove (Australia - 2008)
If I was blind, I'd think this was a white wine.

McWilliams (Australia - 2008)
Just the right amount of spice.

Mission Hill (Canada - 2008)
Rich and delicious - a perfect Shiraz.

Wynn's Coonawara (Australia - 2007)
Smooth and dry.

Las Moras Reserve (Argentina - 2007)
Reserve your money and buy its cheaper sister, if you must.

Kumala (South Africa - 2009)
The flavor is in the finish.

Yellow Tail (Australia - 2009)
An approachable and flavorsome wine - but where is the buzz?

GatroNegro (Chile - 2009)
An effortless and charming wine that is as easy to drink as it is on the pocketbook.

Wally's Hut (Australia - 2009)
Drinkable, but not enjoyable.

Nottage Hill (Australia - 2007)
A nice wine with an interesting tang and lots of alcohol.

Jackson Triggs (Canada - ????)
A smooth, easy drinking wine with a subtle shiraz-ness.

Casillero del Diablo (Chile - 2008)
A basic Shiraz with a bit of a bitter bite.

Robertson Winery (South Africa - 2009)
A good wine, especially if you want one glass with a good hit. 

Las Moras (Argentina - 2009)
A great value; a nice tasting red wine, but not an identifiable shiraz.

Wolf Blass Yellow Label (Australia - 2007)
A rich, luxurious wine with a moderate price tag.

Copper Moon Moonlight Harvest (Canada - ???)
An inexpensive, great-tasting wine that would love to be brought to dinner.

Fat Bastard (France - 2007)
Boring.  The worst kind of bastard - not only fat, but lacking any personality.

Naked Grape (Canada - ???)
These grapes might be more interesting with their clothes on.

The Little Penguin (Australia - 2009)
A great, casual wine - perfect for a relaxing evening on the deck.

Black Swan (Australia - 2008)
This one is going on the bestseller list.

Sebeka (South Africa - 2009)
I'd drink it again if someone offered it to me at a party and no other reds were available.