Saturday, June 25, 2011

La Chamiza: Week #44

You know, I'm getting worried about this blog.  First of all, I neglect it something fierce.  I am really focused on drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade with my solid diet of BBQ.  There is just something about summer...

Secondly, I am really dwindling in my Shiraz supply.  I have one South African bottle left to review, maybe two or three Argentinians and perhaps one more Australian before I run out of options.  I don't think I have enough labels left to last to Week #52!  At least not ones I can afford.

La Chamiza - Argentina, 2010
14% alc./vol.
A word from the wine:
"La Chamiza was, long ago, land of polo horses.  Today, because of the excellent qualities of this land, it is the place where out vines grow.  This Shiraz, spontaneous and vivacious like the Amateur Polo, is intense, exotic and has character."
At least its name doesn't have an Aboriginal origin.

I wouldn't call this bottle "intense" or "exotic" but it was a solid choice.  I enjoyed it with a few dinners, and it gave a good hit, so I can give it props there.  It was a really nice deep purple, and it had some body and taste to it, but it wasn't rich or remarkable.  It didn't have a strong enough finish, the taste evaporated immediately off the tongue taking all my saliva with it... to which one of my guest testers replied "you mean like licking deodorant?" - who are these people I associate with anyway?

More Guest Tester Reviews:
"It smells like grapes.  And, I like the way it makes my throat feel warm... like whiskey"
"Smooth and Delicious"
"It's okay, drinkable, but its missing something...fullness"

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  1. Your guest testers sound very intelligent and insightful, at an equal footing with helpful husband!