Sunday, November 14, 2010

GatoNegro: Week #13

This week's wine selection is GatroNegro.  It had a cat on the bottle.  It had a pinkish-red splash of color.  It looked fun.  It was cheap. I wanted a break from Australia. 

Tonight I made Christmas cards and drank wine amongst the Scrappies - or Scappers - I can't remember how they prefer to be addressed, but in either case, this subspecies of human enjoy the finicky and festive hobby of scapbooking.  These ladies do not see their lives as a sequence of events, but rather as series a of layouts.  There was much embossing, inking, stamping, mini-attaching, crop-a-dialing, and paper punching.  I believe I have learned enough lingo to survive amongst the scrappies for several days (if not a week) without being exposed, but, of course, this assumes I could keep my mouth shut and/or they would not see my misspellings of their numerous beloved tools and trade techniques - neither of which is likely - scrapies are not ones to overlook details.  I thank the Scrappies for giving me a glimpse into their colorful and mysterious world and welcoming me among their close-knit (glue-dotted?) ranks.  It was fun, and I hope to get my scrap on again someday.

GatroNegro (Chile, 2009)

A word from the wine:
Shit on a stick.  I remembered to take a picture of the bottle before bringing it to the Scappies, but I forgot to write down the label notes!  Okay, I will also admit that I may have lied about the alcohol content (listed above) - I didn't write that down either and am working from memory... which, I'm fairly certain I've already established as faulty. 
ANYWAY, I do remember that the label told me to "uncork a bottle" when clearly the bottle has. no. cork.  Don't they even know what they used to seal their own bottle of wine?

I quite enjoyed my glass of GatroNegro.  We split the bottle six ways, so the glasses were smaller than I am used to, but it still packed a good punch.  Nondescript and inoffensive were the words that came to my mind... but in a good way, if that makes any sense.  It didn't try too hard to be friends with me, nor did it play hard to get.  I appreciate that.  It was smooth and tasty - with no surprises (good or bad).

Scrappy Guest Tester #1: "It grows on you"
Scrappy Guest Tester #2: "This actually used to be one of my favorite wines, and I can see why"
Scrappy Guest Tester #3: "Very good.  I'm shocked it was only $10.99"
Scrappy Guest Tester #4: "You are so clever and funny, please hang out with us more often!"*

*comment may have been altered for blog purposes

So, as you can see the scrappies liked it!


  1. Would you like the bottle details? :) We normally refer to ourselves as 'scrappers' but sometimes that just sounds like we're a rough bunch of gals. Though, I suppose, many of the tools would make good weapons, so maybe it's accurate, lol!

    I'll take credit for comment #4! :) It was fun hanging out with you!

  2. Ha Ha, It was a fun evening, and I was trying to think if the wine had that big of an affect on my I don't recall scrappy guest #4...either way, I agree!

  3. lol, you had me laughing all evening, thanks just the perfect night to end my vacation. Your comments above convince me that you are a secret" Scrapper" and from what I saw last night, you go girl. Now for the wine- as stated last night, it was too cold for my first sip, but as it warmed up, I quite enjoyed it. Thanks.
    P.S. Soup recipe sent to my daughter, Amanda, and she will forward to Amanda #2 who will in turn send to you. Whew, i think I've said enough. Love your blog and will become a regular follower. I look forward to trying your weekly wine selections. I will be back with my comments.

  4. hilarious as usual.....