Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yellow Tail: Week #14

What a week!  I think there was only one evening this past week when we were all home and had no outside commitments, so it was busy, but unrelated to the hustle was the amount of stress I experienced.  If ever there was a week to commit to drinking, this was it.  Yet, shockingly, I questioned even purchasing a bottle of Saturday Shiraz! (Don't call the rubber truck just yet, let me explain...) 

This Saturday was the ever popular and highly awaited "Supper Club" week.  You see, we have a group of friends (hard to imagine me with one friend, let alone a group of them, eh?) that meet once a month to enjoy an evening of food and laughs over inappropriate dinner conversation.  Each couple wife has a role: the host makes the main, another brings a side, another does a salad, another makes desert, and last, but certainly not least = someone brings the alcohol.  So, you see my dilemma, as this was not my week to bring drinks, I wasn't sure if bringing something of my own would be offensive.  I did it anyway.  And, I was glad I did because there was a mix up and no one brought alcohol!!

This week's selection is Yellow Tail - I did have this one before and remembered liking it, but no other details.  A good friend also mentioned this as a tasty choice (although her bottle was 1/2 the price of mine!! Damn American prices!!!), and I've been thinking about her this week, so I picked it up. 

Honorable Mention:
I enjoyed a glass of Copper Moon at a restaurant on Friday evening.  It was as tasty as I remembered, but I wasn't happy with the $7/glass price tag when I know for a fact the whole bottle is $10.99. 

Yellow Tail (Australia, 2009)
13.5% alc./vol.

I didn't take a picture.  Here is one from the inter-web:

A word from the wine:
I remember being intrigued by the mention of vanilla on the back of the bottle.  Also there was something about a roaring fire and not taking things too seriously...
You see, this is the problem with drinking socially.  I forget to take pictures, I leave the bottle at the host's home, and I don't write down the label notes.  This blog gig is really better suited for drinking alone.

This was really enjoyable.  Yellow Tail is very approachable, smooth, but not rich or overly spicy.  It does have quite a dry aftertaste - perhaps a bit lip smacking, but nothing jarring.  For the taste and body, it surprised me for a 2009 - it is definitely a bit richer than the $10 of the same year, but it is also more expensive so keep that in mind.  The only real downside was despite the 13.5%, I was not feeling any buzz and I had at least half the bottle.   My "Sister is Shiraz" and fellow supper club member agreed that it was tasty and easy to drink, but lacked the tipsy-factor.

Me: "So, husband, what do you think?"
Helpful Husband: "About what?"
Me: exasperated sigh
Helpful Husband: "Oh, the wine?  It's good"


  1. Really? You had a stressful week? What happened?

    Merlot drinker

  2. love Yellow Tail brand, any type of wine will do, but I must try the Shiraz.