Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wally's Hut: Week #12

I'm guessing that the liquor store is already preparing for the busy holiday season - they seem a bit overstaffed.  I roamed the shelves for maybe five minutes and was approached three times by eager employees willing to steer me in the right direction.  I declined all offers of help - I'm not sure why... maybe it is my independence, maybe my social-awkwardness, or maybe, just maybe, I am embarrassed to admit that I am the kind of geek who drinks and then writes about it.  Whatever.  Next time I will ask for a recommendation and try not to scare the poor stock boy while my inept social skills force me to engage him in some random and inappropriate conversation.

I am quickly running out of $10 wines - I really didn't think about how this project would impact my bank account.  Eventually I will need to cough up $20+ for these bottles of Shiraz.  For now, I will stick with the $12-$18 range. 

Anyway, on to this week's selection.  I was attracted to the quirky purple label of Wally's Hut.  I read the label and noted that it contained narrative, which I had been seeking for a few weeks.  Knowing I was being keenly watched by several unproductive employees, it was time to be decisive, fain confidence in my choice, avoid all opportunities for eye contact, and quickly head to the nearest check-out.

Wally's Hut - Australia, 2009

A word from the wine:
"Wally's Hut was built on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in the 1860's to shelter a lone boundary rider who rode the fence line of this once vast grazing property.  Today, the lone rider is long gone and the landscape has been transformed by vines but Wally's Hut stands as his legacy."
I guess this guy's legacy is that he worked alone and drank a lot to fill the sad void left by his lack of human contact.

This wine is reminiscent of Naked Grape or Fat Bastard - with the exception that I did finish my glass and will most likely finish the bottle tomorrow at supper.  So, it wasn't all bad - it was just boring.  I was surprised to discover an Australian Shiraz that didn't meet my expectation - although maybe this particular brand really was made in a hut using a few grapes and some rotting potatoes... the label does look a bit rustic.  Maybe a bit of a refined moonshine?  Basically, drinking this wine is an experience in drinking alcohol.  It tastes like alcohol.  That is all. 

Helpful Husband Tip: "I like it" - when it comes to alcohol,  is there ANYTHING this man doesn't like?


  1. I know a Wally, and I once spent time at his camp/ hut. This wine has potential to stir up bad memories from my youth. That, coupled with your mediocre response to it, will send me back to my ever favourite merlot.

  2. PS: I drank this again last night with supper. It was better paired with food. Better, but still not good.