Saturday, January 22, 2011

Barefoot: Week #23

Last week I hit Spain for the first time in this Shiraz journey, so today I decided to visit another newbie: The United States (and, to be specific, California).  Of course I was also swayed by the low price and availability at the grocery liquor store, but those are minor details.  In fact, I have a canvas bag that advertises this particular brand - it has special pockets on the side to place wine bottles!  Actually, I'm pretty sure I stole it from my mother.  Hi Mom!  Thanks for the bag!

Barefoot (California - US, no date)

I guess you can tell that the bottle is half empty - perhaps that is the reason for the poor photography.
A word from the wine:
"Barefoot Shiraz is full of jammy, blackberry flavors and is velvety smooth. It's perfect with BBQ food, steaks, chicken, pasta with tomato sauces and pizza."
Usually, I just write an excerpt from the label notes, but this is the whole shebang.  Not a very exciting label in either words or graphics- I like the foot, but the orange doesn't do it for me.  The front of the bottle does proudly display a gold medal "2007 Grand Harvest Award" - but I'm not sure bragging about an award you won 3+ years ago is the way to go.

This wine was very casual, and with only 13%alc./vol. the tipsy factor was a tad lacking.  There was definitely no richness or length of finish, and I wouldn't describe it as "velvety smooth," BUT it was certainly peppery, which redeems it for me.  It almost felt prickly on the tongue, and I enjoyed that spicy sensation.  Good enough to share the spotlight with some yummy accompaniment (I had bacon wrapped scallops!), but not good enough to have a starring role.  Who am I kidding?  I never drink without eating.

Helpful Husband Comment: "Mmmm... bacon wrapped scallops"


  1. It's funny how we see wine bottles as half empty and not half full. Like your project.

  2. Sounds like they make a better bag than a wine ;) I enjoy a bag I can carry my wine around in!