Saturday, January 1, 2011

Angove: Week #20

Wow - week 20!  I'm well on my way to becoming a card carrying member of AA. 

Helpful Husband picked this one out, and you know what that means: he spoke to a salesperson.  He highly recommended the Angove and said it was one he kept going back to.  It will be the first Shiraz blend that I will review on the blog.  Apparently it has "received a heart-warming tickle from the little known white Viognier grape" - so we'll see how that goes.

Angove: Shiraz Viognier (Australia, 2008)
14.5% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
"When fermented together the small amount of Viognier takes the Shiraz out of its comfort zone and into a whole new stratosphere... Careful oak maturation has allowed the two varieties to conjugate their relationship and emerge as one."
Finally!  Label notes that include a grape love story! These grapes are conjugating their relationship people - how beautiful is that?

This is the weirdest wine I have ever sent passed my lips.  Whoa.  It is like being served a grilled cheese sandwich, but having it taste like peanut butter.  This wine is a very deep red/purple color, but it smells and tastes like white wine.  I don't usually drink white wine, but I will say that the slight Shiraz (or at least red) element did redeem this wine for me.  I think it had an interesting taste that I wouldn't mind trying again, but it isn't a favorite by any means... maybe more of a conversation piece than an excellent wine.

Helpful Husband Tip: "Weird, and I don't know if I like it."
My brother also tasted this and commented: "Well, it is bizarre, but I think it is more hit than miss"

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