Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jacob's Creek: Week #21

Not much interesting to report about this week's selection process.  I was in the little liquor store and there were not many brands of Shiraz that I haven't yet tasted, so there was not much choice.  Basically, I picked up Jacob's Creek because it was the only mid-priced one I could find that was not a blend.  My interest was peaked by the appearance of a new Yellow Label reserve - but the helpful cashier informed me it would be $4off next week, so I decided to wait and save a few bucks.  Although, I think next week I will have to make a point to venture out of Australia - I've had three in a row now.... actually four if you count a yet-to-be-published-stock-piled review. 

In other news - during the last week of school, there was a present left in my mailbox from a "Secret Santa."  It was Shiraz chocolate!  Isn't that the most thoughtful and intriguing thing?  I thought it was pretty cool.  This week I decided to taste it.  Well, thank you Secret Santa, whoever you are, I really enjoyed opening and trying this unique treat - and it was so nice of you to see it and think of me!  I still have most of it left, if anyone else wants to give it a shot.  I can say, that while I love both Shiraz and chocolate, and while I've even enjoyed a glass of Shiraz with an assortment of chocolate treats, I think maybe they should never formally conjugate their relationship by becoming one entity ever again.  The chocolate tasted fruity, and I'm not into that - but some weirdos, like my mom, do.  So, if you are weird, you should try it!

Now to touch on another subject for a moment.  What the hell is up with the lack of comments?  I haven't had a single comment on any of my last four posts!!!  Does no one read this blog?  Does no one care?  Why don't some of the random readers from the UK, Croatia, or Indonesia post a comment?  Suggest a wine, stroke my ego, take me down a few notches or promote your own agenda.  Whatever - just say SOMETHING.  It doesn't even have to relate to my blog.

Jacob's Creek (Australia, 2007)
14% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
"With ripe blackberry and plum fruit flavours, the palate is medium bodied in structure, with good mid palate fruit sweetness and soft, velvety Shiraz tannins through to the finish."The truth is I forgot to record the info from this label and then my helpful husband gave all our empty wine bottles to his mom.  Sorry.

I liked this wine and enjoyed the whole bottle by myself (over the course of three days - a real sign of restraint).  It wasn't a favorite, but it was a basic, good Australian Shiraz.  I did find it a bit sharp - perhaps even a bit acidic, but not enough to turn me off it completely.  I liked that it had a good hint of pepper, and it packed a pretty good punch as far as the "tipsy" factor goes.  Though,  if I am going to spend $15 on a bottle of Shiraz, there are others I'd prefer to invest in. 

As previously mentioned, I didn't share this bottle with the helpful husband.  But, on the third day, I had him take a sip because I thought maybe the wine had "turned" after being opened for three days.
Helpful Husband Tip: "Seems fine to me"


  1. does begging for comments count.... poor baby.. my friends who read when I "share" on FB have told me they really like it and find it amusing if not totally funny!! I find it totally funny!! entertaining !! and informative !!!

  2. You poor sweet neglected blogger!!! Here you spend time and effort to entertain us with your pithy and helful comments and we ignore you completely. How inconsiderate of us! Let the reconciliation begin!

  3. What's up with all the anonymous comments? You have so many secret admirers. Someone at the liquor store tried to get Kevin to buy the looks like red but tastes like white wine, but he went with a pinot noir instead. I'll have to grab one of my dad's blends and we'll give that a go some weekend you are free. Should I write more? Is this enough to satisfy you? :)

  4. Okay, you asked for input....Steve's favourite is Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz, from SE Australia. He buys it by the case when it's on sale, ranges from about $12-$16 I think. I'll be watching to see what you think. This is fun, so I hope you keep it up....

  5. Was in the liquor store on the weekend and saw GatoNegro on sale!!! of course thought of you immediately. I tried the Merlot and Cab. Sauv. since I enjoyed the Shiraz. I really enjoyed the Cab. Sauv. and have yet to try the Merlot. Still loving the blog, keep it up!

  6. LOL - I too noticed GatoNegro on sale and brought a bottle to a dinner party last week!

    Thanks for the comments!