Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hardy's Oomoo: Week #25

Earlier this week, I remembered that my brother & sister-in-law had given me a gift card to the liquor store for Christmas.  So, I decided that I would use it to its full potential and pick a more expensive bottle that normally I would be too frugal to purchase.  I have to say, that this week was the most enjoyable selection process to date - how fun to browse the aisles and purposely seek higher price tags!  I decided to stay in Australia, since the Autralian Shiraz can rarely be beat (the exception being Wally's Hut from week #12 ).  There were three bottles that fit the bill - but two were over my gift card value (one by $5 and the other by $10) and it's hard for me to be frivolous, so I sensibly chose the one that left me with a small balance on my card for next week.  Well, that and Oomoo is fun to say! 

Hardy's Oomoo (Australia, 2007)
14% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
"Back in the 1870's Thomas Hardy adopted the Aboriginal word Oomoo, meaning 'good' or 'attractive' for his post popular wines."
I think I will adopt the Aboriginal word Oomoo as well.

Well, this wine is oomoo - but I still have to say that I was underwhelmed.  Sure, it was a solid Shiraz - it tasted great and had a bit of pep - but there are other (cheaper) brands that I have preferred.  I was actually quite surprised that it wasn't full-bodied, rich or velvety as I expect a more expensive bottle to be.  Had I spent $12 on the bottle of wine, it may have ended up on the regular rotation, but I didn't and so it won't.  If you find yourself wanting to spend more than $15 on a bottle of Shiraz, save yourself the heartache of lonely disappointment and buy Wolf Blass.

I shared this bottle with a friend - and since the wine was still good and the company was great, I don't think my minor dissatisfaction affected the overall enjoyment of the evening.  Plus, there were tasty snacks!

Guest Tester: "When you pay more, you expect more"
Guest Tester's Helpful Husband: "Not bad"

I'm glad to see that all helpful husbands are equally descriptive.


  1. The site "" notes that the nose for this wine has "cooked meats" present. Maybe "Oomoo is an onomatopoeia :)

  2. Loved testing this with you and at least we came away with a fun new word to say ;)

  3. You "forgot" you got a gift card for the liquor store!!! I'm impressed, I on the other hand find it hard to hold on to those things ;)