Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wolf Blass Yellow Label: Week #6

I've enjoyed Wolf Blass wines before.  I cannot remember which specific variety, but I know it was Shiraz and I know it was good.  Feeling particularly celebratory today (having retrieved my diamond engagement ring from the depths of lost-forever-land) I decided to spring for the Yellow Label, even though the Red Label was on sale.  This is most unlike me, I assure you.  So, an $18.99 bottle!!  Is that swanky or what? I will admit I am still slightly confused by the name "Wolf" Blass in conjunction with a picture of an eagle on the label.  What do you think that is about?  Oh, also of note, Wold Blass also won the Internation Wine Challenge "Red Winemaker of the Year" in '08. 

I also wasn't sure if Red Label was allowed since it was a Shiraz Grenache or a Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon... are blends allowed on this venture of mine?  I ask you to help me decided!  Please vote in the poll to your right!

Wolf Blass: Yellow Label (Australia, 2007)

A word from the wine:
"The Yellow Label Shiraz displays attractive plum, spice and pepper characters, married with a subtle integrated oak, creating a rich, well structured wine with a good length of flavour"
Serious stuff.  No metaphors or similes or other foolishness here. 

This is a nice wine.  I knew it would be because I smelled it from across the room when the Husband opened it up.  Very rich - and true to its description as far as "length of flavour" goes.  I also really liked that while the initial feel of the wine was rich and velvety, it almost seemed like it melted into its true peppery flavor - a very smooth and easy transformation.  No buzz after the first glass, though - so I guess that is the only downside. 

Helpful Husband: Tip "I really like this one... mumble mumble mumble"
Me: "WHAT?"
HH: "Best one so far"


  1. Okay, SatShiraz. You almost have me convinced to defect from merlot and try your lastest pick. Good description. Perhaps a note about alcohol content would add to your tipsy factor comments. Love the blog and vow to come drink with you some Saturday. Viva le Dark Side!

  2. Well, Wolf is the guy's name, right? Maybe he just likes eagles.

  3. you can't go wrong with Wolf B.... I also like the red label one but, you are right!, it is a combination of shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon. can you do combos...?

  4. Well, I'm happy to hear you had a good wine tasting experience....especially at $18.99, I think you would have been quite annoyed if it was anything less than "the best one so far". I also like the WolfBass, and I normally "feel" it pretty quickly. I feel you can do combinations, as long as Shiraz is involved somewhere! Amanda

  5. If it has the word shiraz in it it's good to go.