Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cookoothama: Week #29

This is final entry in the "Wine purchased in PEI" segment of Saturday Shiraz.

I really hesitated in choosing an Australian wine in PEI, as there are SO many still to choose from at my local liqour store, but I saw a few new ones and I just cannot seem to refrain from the temptation of an Australian Shiraz.

Cookoothama - Australia, 2008
14.5% alc./vol (that's more like it!)
$17.00 (approx.)
A word from the wine:
"Cookoothama (cook-a-tharma) is the name of the Nugan family's vineyard on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.  It is the original name of this property before the vineyards were planted and is the aboriginal word meaning "fertile land."  Appealing aromas of plum layered with dark chocolate and spice."
Wine teaches me a lot of aboriginal words.

Hmmm... I really wanted to LOVE this one.  Maybe it was the high expectations, or maybe it was the head-cold induced stuffy nose, but I found it to be a bit sharp.  The flavor was good, but it just wasn't as smooth as I hoped it would be.  It was still a good, solid, Shiraz, though - and you know what?  I'm certainly feeling good after two glasses!

Helpful Husband had some intelligent comment, but I quickly forgot what it was.  Sorry, helpful husband... your dumb comments are just so much easier to remember!


  1. Drinking is so educational! I kind of like the label.

  2. I think you should really try harder to remember th intelligent comments... poor helpful husband !!

  3. Tuesday, March 15 but still no update. You didn't give up wine for Lent did you??