Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obikwa: Week #32

Anyone remember back to Week #15 when I foolishly sent Helpful Husband to the liquor store and tried in vain to communicate a proper wine selection with him via cellphone?  That was the day he ignored his wino wife's suggestions and came home with something completely unwanted.  Oh wait.  There have been many days where that has happened - and not just in regards to wine. 

Now, the final decision was hard because there were three wines to pick from, and one was on sale, another had a “cave-like drawing of an ostrich or a flamingo” (he really is helpful, isn’t he?), and the other had a lizard on the label and 14.5% alc./vol.  But, the bird-like design label mystery was too gripping for me to abandon and I had to see it with my own eyes.  The decision was made; husband hung up the phone.

He arrived home.  I eagerly pulled the bottle from the bag, enthusiastically awaiting the moment of bird-discovery when I could ream my husband for his stupidity over what is so clearly a penguin, but to my surprise it is a lizard that greets me from the label.  WTF?  I search my memory for the error – right, I had hung up the phone and left my ever so helpful husband without supervision on his way to the check-out counter = mistake.  Left to his own devices, he, of course, made small talk with the cashier, who, of course, is a Shiraz drinker himself (sure) and didn’t recommend the elusive ostrich-flamingo wine and confused my poor easily lead husband with shiny bottles and tales about how many feet above sea-level the grapes were harvested.

This week's selection sets out to solve a bird-identity mystery 17 weeks in the making.

Obikwa (South Africa, 2009)
13.5% alc./vol.
So, what's your vote?  Ostrich?  Flamingo? Seagull?

A word from the wine:
"Taking its name from one of South Africa's earliest peoples, this Obikwa wine pays tribute to the adventurous Obikwa people and the ostrich, their trusty companion with its extraordinary long neck.  For the adventurous lover of life and wine looking for something different; Obikwa's easy-drinking, quality new world wine is the perfect choice for you"
Well, that certainly answers THAT question.  Helpful husbands everywhere take note - the label offers the answers you are seeking! And, I have to say, I never really considered the ostrich a "trusty" companion, but I will take note of that in case I ever find myself needing a loyal associate from the animal kingdom.  I guess they'll stick their neck out for you!  (Ostrich joke #1).  I quite liked these label notes - one of my favorite so far (next to Little Penguin from Week #3 and Black Swan from Week #2) - I like it when the label actually speaks to me; it takes charge and tells me it is the perfect choice.  Direct and bossy.  Sound like anyone you know?

I am glad the label inspired so much excitement because the wine within is not generating much enthusiasm.  This wine is average - it's drinkable and inoffensive.  It is pretty "thin," but it is a bit tangy and somewhat dry, which is the only thing that saves it from being exiled to the DL.  Still, despite the fun label notes and cheery yellow tones on the label, when it comes right down to it, you just can't trust an ostrich.  You could have an important wine tasting and they'll have their heads stuck in the sand (#2). 

No Helpful Husband Tip - I drank alone tonight.  While watching Storage Wars.  And writing a blog.


  1. your life is truly full !! a great review... I thought the HH did well on the bird discription.

  2. I'm sorry the wine was kind of a bust, but I think this is one of my favourite posts yet :) And, I was going to call ostrich before I even read the notes. Identifying large bird species from cave-like drawings is apparently one of my talents.

  3. I tried the Shiraz a few weeks ago, plus the Cab Sav. I found the Shiraz to be amongst one of the better ones I have drank! At loggerheads with your taste preference.