Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week #30: The Week with no Wine

I thought I could get away with not posting and no one would notice.  But, someone noticed AND made a comment.  And you know how I respect and covet the comments - so I feel obligated to respond.  (PS: The commenter was probably my mom)

There was no wine drinking in my house this past Saturday... it was a sad and sober night.  I have recently had surgery and have read that it is best to avoid alcohol for three weeks in order to avoid a case of horrendous unstoppable itching.  Now, I freely admit that this may be a case of Internet-induced hypochondriac hysteria, but I'd really like my drinking to remain a positive experience, so I have abstained.  You might be thinking, "Three WEEKS without an update!!  How will I make drinking decisions without the inspirational leadership of Saturday Shiraz?  What will motivate me to get out of bed on Sunday mornings?"

Fear not.

I planned ahead... I, for the sake of the greater good, did my homework in advance.  In fact, the last two entries that have entertained and enthralled you were written weeks ago!  Unfortunately, I did not get my surgery date too far in advance and even a lush like myself can only do so much weekday drinking to write ahead.  Hence the Week #30 gap.  A blemish on the otherwise near-perfect record of this blog.  For this, I apologize.  It is a disappointment to think that I can't even achieve the goal of drinking every Saturday - it is no wonder I give up on much more difficult tasks (like giving up Junior Mints for 48hours). 

I will make up for it.  Actually, I already did because WAY back on Week #4, I was a keener and reviewed two wines in one night!  So, maybe I AM still awesome.  The point is, there will be 52 reviews when this blog is all said and done. 

Week #31 will see the return of of my drinking responsibilities.  Stay tuned.


  1. great stuff Meg... only you could make NOT drinking wine entertaining.....

  2. I agree, your posts are always very entertaining, and I'm glad you are resuming your responsibilities next week :)