Sunday, April 10, 2011

French Cross: Week #34

I have to admit - I didn't feel much like drinking red wine today.  I guess I'm still traumatized from last week's experience with Banrock Station.  Plus, I feel bad for any wine chosen to be the rebound in this sick relationship.  I mean, what chance does this week's selection really have?  It will only serve its purpose of getting me back on the wagon, and then it will no doubt be cast aside, never to be chosen again.  For this reason, I plan on bringing this wine to Family Dinner to have some non-bias input added to the review - it is only fair to the wine (I'll update with their comments later).

This week I have chosen French Cross.  I didn't want to pick something expensive, since I know I'm not really up to enjoying it.  This is the last Canadian bottle of Shiraz (that I haven't reviewed - I didn't clean them out!...yet) at my local liquor store.  It was on sale (a whole $0.50!!!) and I had wanted to buy it while in PEI since it was available in tetra pack there.

French Cross (Canada - no date)
13% alc./vol.
A word from the wine:
"This dry, medium bodied Shiraz is vinted with carefully selected grapes from some of the finest vineyards in Canada and around the world.  Flavors of black cherry and a hint of spice are enhanced by rich red fruit aromas."
Carefully selected?  Or picked out of the other vineyards' dumpsters? 

No thanks.  Just no.  I will say that the aroma of this wine was very appealing - I did note that upon removing the cork.  However, I also noted that the color was very transparent for a red wine; a bit too much light shines through this to end well.  I'm not even sure how to approach the taste - it was thin, and vinegary, and just generally taste-less.  You know what is weird?  The dimple on the bottom is pretty deep for a $10 bottle.

Helpful Husband Tip: "I'm sure it's fine *sip* Oh, maybe not."

My mom & brother did not find it too bad - which surprised me... especially the brother factor.  So, maybe I am on the rebound.


  1. well I did not find it all that bad.. not the best one I have had but certainly not the worst..

  2. I can't believe that HH said the banana wine was fine and didn't like this one. That deeply disturbs me!