Saturday, April 23, 2011

WB Eaglehawk: Week #35

So, whoops.  I forgot to post this.  I kept meaning to go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of the wine I sampled at the restaurant, but my big boy was sick all week and I never got the chance.  Sorry readers (aka my mom).  I will post this, and then tomorrow I will do a special "Easter Sunday Shiraz" edition of Saturday Shiraz.

Helpful Husband and I hit the town last Saturday night.  We had gift certificates to a local hotel and restaurant, and a Grandmother willing to babysit overnight.  Smell ya later kids! 

First stop was Billy's Seafood, where we enjoyed some bacon wrapped scallops and over-priced entrees. But, we also enjoyed some wine.  Of course, we paid $21 for a 1/2 litre (check out the bottle's price below), but when in Rome and all that crap.

Wolf Blass Eaglehawk (Australia)

This picture was taken at the restaurant- very discretely due to extreme embarrassment.  Helpful Husband is in the background flexing for the picture.  But, the joke is on him because the wine glass makes his puny bicep even tinier.
This picture was taken, very discretely, again due to embarrassment, while my mother and I were creeping the liquor store before the town-wide Easter egg hunt.  (It was freakin' cold and we needed shelter and warmth.... plus there were free samples.)  I would have bought the bottle, but I didn't have my wallet with me. 

A word from the wine:
All I remember reading from the label (while I was in the liquor store) was that the name Eaglehawk was derived from one of WB's first vineyards, which he named "Bilyara" - the aboriginal word for "Eaglehawk." 
I really hope winemakers realize how unoriginal this whole "aboriginal word as inspiration" is. 

This wine was delicious.  I enjoyed each and every overly expensive sip.  I think it lives up to the Wolf Blass name and is very comparable to the slightly more expensive Yellow Label - smooth, easy drinking and tasty. 

We also ventured to Happinez wine bar, but alas, the only Shiraz they had that evening (per glass) was Angove, that weird wine that looks red but tastes white.  There was a $99 bottle of Shiraz in the cellar though.  YIKES-O-RAMA!!  Maybe for week #52... but what happens if you spend that much on a bottle and it is disappointing?  In either case, I enjoyed a glass of La Casona for $6 - it wasn't Shiraz, but it was yummy. 


  1. Wondered where you were last week. Good review and very creative pics! HH must be grateful that it was only his arm caught in picture ;)

  2. Ok, I seriously laughed out loud at your pictures. I love that you took a picture in the liquor store, haha! And I am a loyal reader too, I deserve to be put in brackets. Glad you had a fun weekend out!

  3. I'm surprised you weren't cuffed and transported to the nearest big house - it is a govt agency after all.

    Never been disappointed by a Wolf Blass of any kind.

  4. I am sure I am not your only reader... see Amanda and U. Bernie read also..... I must say she did not really want to take the picture in the liquor store but I made her. I am a good influence obviously !!

  5. If you were embarrassed by the restaurant photo, you should go out with our friend Miss Eva, a food blogger. She won't let us eat until she photographs every dish - needless to say we rarely go out with her!