Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rosemount: Week #39

It is so fitting that this is week #39 as I am headed to a friend's birthday celebration and she only has a few days left at age 39.  This week's selection has been calling my name since the beginning of this journey to alcoholism.  I never picked it up based on the price, although I did purchase a few bottles similar or slightly higher in price, and the fact that I try to switch from the Australian Shiraz to other nationalities every once in a while. 

This wine has a very attractive and sophisticated look - the bottle goes from the usual round at the neck and transforms on the way down, gradually flattening the sides, and created a diamond shaped base.  Hence the "diamond label" branding.  It was also featured on Hell's Kitchen last season, which leads me to believe it must be reputable as Chef Ramsay seems just as unlikely to put up with bullshit in people, food or wine.  At least that is what reality TV has taught me.

So, what led me to pick it up this week?  A SALE of course!  Save $3, bringing the usual price from $17.99 down to the more reasonable $14.99.  Also, all the other Rosemount varieties had a neck-tag stating "Rosemount: Not just Shiraz!" - which, with my powerful skills of deduction, leads me to infer that they are well-known for their well-liked Shiraz.  Bonus. 

Rosemount (Australia, 2009)
13.5% alc./vol.
A word from the wine:
You know what is really interesting about this wine?  It has NO label notes.  Like, zero.  Aside from the generic "contain sulphates"  and "drink responsibly" there is no specific or personal narration, pairing suggestions or tasting notes.  I'm hoping that they believe the wine will speak for itself, or it is so good it requires no introduction.

I liked this one.  I'm not sure it is worth its full price when Wolf Blass Yellow Label sits very close by in the same price range, but it was still a very nice wine.  I think it is an approachable Shiraz for someone who is a bit shy of darker red wines, but at the same time, it has enough body and flavour to satisfy a regular red-wine lover.  Rosemount was very smooth and tasty, but it misses that hint of pepper that WB provides. 

I enjoyed two glasses of this wine at the birthday shindig, and I had several guest testers as well.  I'll only include two comments, because they are the only ones I can remember.  I did switch to "Smirgins" (Smirnoff Ice + a shot of gin) which were very tasty, but once people starting shooting tequila and B52s, I took a step back - the memory of my recent break up with Banrock Station is still too fresh a wound. 

Birthday "Girl" Guest Tester: "I'm going to taste this and then say something intelligent. *sip* Uhm.... huh.... uh... it's good?"
Guest Tester #2: "It isn't fizzy or fruity"


  1. I've had this one also and liked it, just like the b'day girl. We ordered it in a restaurant where the markup was HUGE, but it went so well with duck and lamb that it was worth every penny.

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