Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nottage Hill: Week #11

I'm going back to work on Monday.  So, I had to do some grocery shopping on a Saturday.  A serious departure from my usual calm Monday morning shopping routine - well as calm as shopping with two kids can be.  Why am I telling you all this?  Well, it meant that I was already at the store, and the store has a little liquor store within it.  So, I couldn't justify a second stop at the free-standing liquor store - which meant I had less selection.  Because of this, I decided to stick with a sure-fire bet and hunt for my Shiraz in the tiny Australian section.  As usual, I browsed for the sale items first.  I came upon two that fit my price point and considered purchasing both to drown my "back to school" blues, but I showed some self-restraint and decided on the sophisticated, yet cottage-y feel of the Nottage Hill label.

Now that I am home, I notice the alcohol content and realize that was not a part of my comparison in-store.  D'oh.  But, it is on the high end, so I doubt the other bottle would have been superior in that area. 

Nottage Hill (Australia, 2007)

A word from the wine:
This full bodied dry red wine shows spicy varietal fruit flavours typical of this classic Australian style. 
I'm not finding a lot of figurative language on labels anymore... those first few bottles seemed to have it, but I guess it was just a fluke.  In any case, I think this literal description will fit the bill.

This was good wine.  It wasn't fabulous, but it was good.  Nottage Hill is definitely tangy - there is a lip-smacking spice, but it isn't jarring, and it doesn't change or get more spicy in the aftertaste.  It isn't exactly a true peppery taste, but it is interesting and enjoyable.  I also found I could "taste" the alcohol content... it kind of evaporated off my tongue, so on account of that, I didn't find it particularly rich.  However, this shit is p.o.t.e.n.t.  I was surely feeling my one glass with dinner.  The problem was, later in the evening, I had two glasses, and quite frankly, I felt I had skipped over being drunk and gone straight to feeling hungover.  I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for.

Helpful Husband Tip: "Yum"
Now that he's on to me, it is getting harder to find a good husband comment.  He tries too hard and says seriously non-husband things like "Exquisite!" - so I have to ignore those over thought mutterings and really wait for the true feelings to come out.


  1. Yum, lol! I've never really browsed that liquor store. Probably because I'm afraid my kids will break something and then I'll have to pay for alcohol that I didn't get to drink!

  2. I was also afraid. It was a quick selection. lol There are some different brands there though that I haven't seen at the larger store!

  3. I love the helpful husband !! you are right, exquisite isn't really him !!

    Sue (Mom)

  4. Are you hoping others will try the same wine and offer more comments?

  5. Lisa - that or they will recommend something else for me to try!