Saturday, December 4, 2010

Las Moras Reserve: Week #16

Wanna know a secret?  I don't just drink wine on Saturdays. 
Sometimes I can't wait - I open the bottle a day early and attempt to cover my tracks by posting the review on Saturday or Sunday.  At times, I have some wine on Friday and then AGAIN on Saturday (and AGAIN on Sunday at Family Dinner) - you just never know with me. 

Anyway, this wine selection falls into one of the aforementioned categories.  In fact, truth be told, this was enjoyed with my husband on a Friday as my Saturday was booked with a girls' night.  My poor helpful husband felt he would miss out on the weekly sipping of the Shiraz.  So, in a truly selfless act, I agreed to share a bottle with him a day early and save the review for a week when my social calendar (I'm popular) prevents me from my usual Saturday Shiraz blogging duties.  You see, while it is a nice gesture to give the host of a social gathering a bottle of wine, demanding that they open it immediately and serve it to you may be construed as rude. 

I hope you enjoy this stock-piled review.

Helpful husband really took the helm for this one - he went to the store, and he chose the bottle all by his lonesome!  I had seriously considered this wine on a previous liquor store visit, but I had instead reached for its cheaper, younger, and less mature sister (how often has this exact scenario played out in real life?).

Las Moras (Argentina, 2007)
14% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
Shiraz shows at its best in the San Juan region where weather conditions allow full ripeness.  Ages in American and French oak barrels for 12 months.
Nothing really interesting here, eh?

I was really expecting to love this wine.  I liked the cheaper version well enough, although, if I remember correctly (and I do, because I checked my one-line review) I felt it wasn't very Shiraz-y.  Still, I thought this older, and more expensive, wine would excel where its sister lacked.  However, I felt it was more of the same.  It was still a good, enjoyable red wine - but its nothing to write home about.  And, I don't think I'd bother forking over the extra few dollars for the "Reserve" label. 

Helpful Husband Tip:  I think YOU will like this one.
So, does he like it or not?  Does this mean he thinks I have bad taste or good taste?  I'll never be sure.

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  1. You have a far busier social calendar than I :) I'll be sure to go for the cheap sister!