Saturday, December 25, 2010

McWilliams: Week #19

Merry Christmas!!!  Obviously, being a Saturday and a special occasion, I will most likely be enjoying some beverages, but to avoid awkwardly blogging over the turkey, here is another stock-piled review coming at ya!

Every Sunday we "Family Dinner" at my mom & dad's house.  There are nine of us - six adults and three kids (4 and under) - and despite knowing this fact, we STILL can't figure out how many chairs and plates we need.  It is loud, chaotic, loud, fun, messy and loud.  To combat the loudness and maintain our sanity, the adults must consume alcohol - I mean, who wouldn't in this situation?  There really is no other feasible alternative.  Sometimes it is rum punch, sometimes it is coolers and beer, more frequently than not, it is wine... usually red and often Shiraz. 

I'd been eyeing this bottle of McWilliams Shiraz in the my parents cupboard for more than a few weeks, hoping that somebody would sanction popping the cork.  I liked the simplicity and elegance of the label, and I liked that is was a more expensive brand that I wouldn't have spring for myself.  Don't you just love parents?  I know I do!

McWilliams (Australia, 2008)
14% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
"The supple yet generous palate is dominated by rich, plum and raspberry fruit flavors with hints of spice and vanilla. The wine is soft and well balanced with a lingering, fruit focused finish"
I think I like hints of spice and vanilla - that sounds right to me. 

Yum. Yum. YUM.  This wine is everything I love about Shiraz - it is smooth and rich on the tongue and has just that hint of peppery-bitterness in the finish.  Easy drinking and great taste with a bit of a bite... what more can you ask for?  I definitely sneaked a tad more than my far share from the communal bottle - but what is a girl to do when faced with splitting one bottle six ways? 

Daddy Dearest Comment: "There's nothing wrong with this wine"
I think he was reminding me that it was expensive and he paid for it.

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