Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wynn's: Week #17

This review is more than late.  My apologies.  Don't worry, I still drank.... I just missed the writing part. 

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of an excursion with a couple of "Preschool Moms" - this is how I refer to women I have met through the older child's preschool.  This round included some, but not all, of the women present at a previously blogged about scrappy event. 

We went to a local Pizzeria and I enjoyed a Chicken-Pesto pizza with a small juice glass of red wine.  We were confused by the wine list - I honestly have no idea what I drank - I couldn't identify the grape or the brand name.  There was some animated discussion about the appropriateness of the juice glasses, but one well-traveled and refined (okay, she watches the Food Network) Preschool Mom informed me that is how it is done in Italy - and who am I to argue with the Italians?!

In either case, we hit the liquor store and purchased a swanky bottle of Shiraz - we settled on Wynn's which was on sale (save $3!!!).  Don't you love the rustic sketch on the label?  After picking up the bottle, a helpful shelf stocker sanctioned our choice saying it was a good wine and asking if it was a gift - uhm, no, we're going to drink it ASAP, of course!

Wynn's Coonawarra Estate (Australia, 2007)
$20ish... I can't remember the exact price, but it was around there after the $3 savings
14% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
"The 2007 shiraz is classic Coonawarra - exhibiting black pepper, mulberries and dark plums. Stylish and consistent."
There was a nice little diagram on the back label and a long explanation of the vineyard's soil, drainage and climate - all which made little to no sense to me.  I'm getting very hard pressed to find any creative label notes.

I have to agree with the bottle on this one.  It was stylish and consistent.  It did exhibit some peppery fruitiness.  Basically, it was everything I like in a Shiraz - smooth and easy on the tongue, but with a bite in the back of the throat.  The only thing that will be keeping this wine from the MVP list is the killer headache I had after only one (fairly large) glass - and the lack of a good buzz.  I can't be certain that the wine caused the headache, but I will forever (unfairly) associate the two and therefore I will be tentative to try it again.  Keep in mind, my fellow two guest testers did not mention anything of the sort, so it should make a great choice for the readers out there!

Guest Tester Reviews: "Easy drinking!"
(I've noticed this is a common guest tester review when it comes to a good wine)

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