Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mission Hill Reserve: Week #18

To make up for my lack of posting promptness with my last entry, I have decided to post today's review by noon and have next week's waiting in the wings with an automatic posting timer! 

So, I'm at my mom & dad's house dropping off some pants to be hemmed (yes, Mommy hems my pants!  I like to focus on her awesomeness rather than my laziness in the situation), and I notice that my dad sits down at the computer, types something and prints off a document.  Nothing unusual about that, right?  Until we all head upstairs and he hands ME the folded piece of paper.  I'm thinking, "Oh shit.  Do I owe him money or something?"  Thankfully, the answer is no... well technically, the answer may be yes, but maybe it hasn't hit collections yet.  In either case, who types up a note to communicate with someone who is clearly occupying the same 3 meter radius as them?

Supposedly one of the better Shiraz wines that BC's Okanagan Valley has to offer.  Let me know how it stacks up against the Shiraz wines from Australia which usually are my favourites.
Price $24.99"

Then, he hands me a bottle of Mission Hill Shiraz.  So, despite his awkward social skills (guess I know where I get THAT from), you gotta love the sentiment, or at least the the wine, behind it. 

This appears to be a nice bottle of wine.  The label art is natural and understated, and the dimple in the bottom of the bottle is pretty deep - a few weeks ago, my brother, who is more of a refined wine lover than myself, told me that the deeper the dimple, the more expensive (and therefore better) the wine.  Since then, I've been wandering around sticking my finger in the bottom of wine bottles - thanks bro!

Mission Hill Reserve (Canada, 2007)
14% alc./vol.

A word from the wine:
"Mission Hill Family Estate Reserve wines are elegant and balanced, reflecting our passion and commitment to viticultural and winemaking excellence.  Tasting Notes: Dark, earthy and intense"
I like the sound of this.  Intense... yes, I like that.  But, what does viticultural mean? 
(PS: viticultural = the cultivation of grapes... that's it!?)

I enjoyed this with a friend at a pre-staff party gathering.  It was delicious, and smooth, and dry.  I noticed the color was particularly dark - it was very full bodied and rich.  Definitely an MVP if you can afford it, and for my dad's sake I will include that I think it more than compares to the Australians.

Guest Tester Review: "I taste it in my throat"
Gee, helpful husband may better watch out - someone is after his job!

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