Saturday, September 4, 2010

Black Swan: Week #2

After the African disaster of last week, I decided to head over to the Australian section of my local liquor store for tonight's venture.  While there I discovered that I definitely judge a wine by its label and I am drawn to wines named after animals.  So, these facts alone left me to choose Black Swan from the shelf.

Black Swan (Australia - 2008)

A word from the wine:
"The feeling of leaving work at three on a Thursday, the rush of having your favorite cafe name a dessert after you"
A dessert named after ME?  This wine knows the innermost feelings of my soul.

I loved  this one.  It is going on my personal favorites list.  Black Swan was very smooth going down, and left a great taste on the tongue - definitely richer and more substantial than last week's contender - and had a fantastic Shiraz zing.  Drinking this wine felt indulgent, sinful even.

Helpful Husband Says: "You only like it because you picked it out"

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