Thursday, September 16, 2010

Naked Grape & Fat Bastard: Week #4 *Special Bachelorette Edition!*

In order to maintain this project's claim of enhancing my quality of life, I decided to load up the baby boy in the stroller and walk to the liquor store - so now wine is making me healthy.  Saturday was the long awaited Bachelorette Party - and in honor of this special occasion, I decided to try to choose a wine that went with the theme of a naughty girls' night out.  I was disappointed not to find anything with a truly scandalous name!  The closest I could come was Naked Grape - I guess nakedness is as risque as grapes can get.

Also this week, I have a special "Guest-Tester" - my sister in Shiraz, if you will.  She also volunteered to pick up a 2nd bottle (what a smart girl!) to give us a little variety.  So, "Guest-Tester's" choice is Fat Bastard - with such a cute little hippo on the label, who could resist?

Naked Grape (Canada, no date??)

A word from the wine:
"Our winemakers has chosen not to oak age the wines, allowing the crisp fruit flavor and the true varietal characteristics to come through"
So, I guess we will see if I like oak.

Fat Bastard (France, 2007)

A word from the wine:
"Now zat iz what you call eh Phet bast-ard! (read with a strong French accent)  This very British expression perfectly described the wine's wonderful color and round, rich palate so that's what they called it"
I don't get it. 

Uh, we didn't like either one.  Both were boring.  Plain red wine.  Where is the Shiraz spice?  You would think with two bottles, we would have at least wanted to finish one... or attempted to.  But, alas, we drank only one glass a piece from each bottle.  I will admit, and my sister-in-Shiraz agrees, that we both liked Fat Bastard's taste at first- but we hated it more and more with each sip... it was like spotting a hottie across the room, but as you move in, you realize the error of your way.  The Naked Grape honestly tasted very similar, I was expecting something a bit different since it is "unoaked" but it was more of the same.  Neither of these wines were for us - it was a BIG disappointment, but we drowned our sorrows in alcohol of a different sort.

Guest-Tester's Review: "Can we drink something else?"

"Something else" consisted of Coconut Rum, Sour Puss, Grenadine, and some sort of Juice - plus several Jello-Shots and a couple glasses Dominican Rum Punch - so while the wine sucked, the rest of the evening was fantastic!

PS: If anyone is reading this (other than my mom) please comment!  The only thing worse than having no comments is only having comments from your mother.


  1. I want Fat Bastard to be better because I like its name, but yeah. I agree with you on that one. Are you going to do syrahs, too? Or would that be cheating?

  2. PS: Next time I post on my blog you owe me a comment. :)
    PPS: Facebook has an app called Networked Blogs that will automatically import your posts for you.

  3. E - I should have commented on your blog instead of on the facebook link. Next time!

    PS: Yes, I think syrahs will count... do you think that is fair?

  4. Blog's sounding good dear! I promise to start reading them regularly from now on. I really like my simple-minded comments.

  5. This is "Guest Tester". Great job summarizing our wine tasting experience! I also love the fancy looking photos, very professional blog! I would like to thank the supplier of the "something else" for her generosity while hosting ;)

  6. I think it's fair. It's the same grape, right? Petite syrah is a different grape, so that won't count. But try the Bogle one anyhow. :)

  7. I think this is officially my new favourite blog :) A girl after my own heart! My dad makes red wine so I end up getting a lot of cheap wine. He's pretty good at it and there might be some Shiraz left in the basement if you want a homemade wine to try ;)

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