Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sebeka: Week #1

I am three weeks into this project, yet this is my first official review post.  Clearly I can procrastinate anything... well, I guess I didn't procrastinate the drinking portion of my task - I'm right on track there.  .

Week #1 was husband's choice.  He brought home a bottle of Sebeka - it had a promotion to win an African Safari or something, so that was the attraction.  It has a Cheetah on the bottle, I like the label enough, but probably wouldn't have picked it up on that alone.  Although I chased the Cheetah in my Safari Jeep on their website and it did entertain me for a few minutes... I couldn't catch that damn thing.

Sebeka (South Africa - 2009)

A word from the wine:
"South Africa.  Where the Cheetah hunts.  Where nature reigns supreme.  Where Sebeka was born"
Does this sequence of short sentences seem LAME to anyone else?

I'm not a fan of this wine.  Even though it did have a good hit - I definitely felt the first glass, then felt the 2nd one a few hours later - it was really, well, weird.  The taste was alright, it went down pretty smoothly, but it didn't have that Shiraz spice.  There was just no kick.  It seemed really thin to me... like watery... it did not seem to have any substance.  While sipping it throughout dinner, I likened it to drinking rubbing alcohol - I could feel it evaporating off my tongue as soon as I sent it down the hatch.  Weird, just weird.

PS:  Husband said "It's good enough.  I like it - the only reason you don't like it is because I picked it out" - helpful.  Very helpful.

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  1. hey!! i bought the Sebeka Pinotage, and liked it very VERY much...if you were wondering where the Shiraz spice and kick went, apparently the cheetah chased it into the bottles of Pinotage. Give it a try!!