Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jackson Triggs: Week #10

This week I am kickin' it old school.  Jackson Triggs was my favorite wine back when I wasn't a total alcoholic.  This may surprise some of you, but, I didn't always like drinking wine.  (I'll give you a moment to pick your jaws off the floor... done?)  Okay, so back before my youngest was born I decided to try and be a grown up type person and like wine.  It was rough going.  Somewhere along the line, I discovered that I like Jackson Triggs Shiraz, like actually wanted to finish my glass - which was a departure from my usual pour and ignore method of wine tasting.  It must have been in late 2008 or early 2009, because I remember getting a bottle of "my favorite wine" for Christmas last year.... and well, 2009 wasn't a big wine drinking year for me (on account of me being occupied 36 of the 52 weeks with growing a human).  Basically, it was the only wine I would drink until early this year when I decided maybe I just like Shiraz in general and started to expand my wine-drinking comfort zone to include other brands and grapes.

Anyway, I was at the liquor store and was overcome by a nostalgic feeling and decided to give my "gateway wine" another shot.  I'm quite interested to taste the good old Jackson Triggs again.  I haven't had it in almost a year, and I'm curious to see if I still like it, or if it served its purpose of introducing me to the world of Shiraz and is no longer needed on my wine rack (which, by the way, is always empty). 

Jackson Triggs (Canada, ????)
13% alc/vol

A word from the wine:
"Jackson Triggs Unity expresses our wine maker's art of blending premium wines from the most renowned wine-producing regions in Canada and around the world...  Our unity Shiraz has aromas of raspberry, blackberry and hints of black pepper."
I guess I didn't stand by last week's statement of picking a wine with a more figurative label description - maybe next week.  Hey!  Did you know that this bottle has a weird code on the label that you can scan with your cell phone for additional tasting notes and offers??!!  Technology is crazy town.

First of all, the bottle has been redesigned since my last tasting... also, I don't remember this whole "unity" ordeal, so maybe this isn't exactly the wine I used to know and love.  One really nice addition, though, is a pull tab to remove the foil - no messing with cutting it!  After the first few initial sips, I can see why I used to like this wine.  It is very smooth, and very easy to drink.  There are no jarring flavors, bitterness, or long lasting after-tastes that would frighten my past non-wine-loving self.  It is a bit funny though, because my present Shiraz-sipping-self LOVES a wine with a good peppery aftertaste.  However, I can say that I still enjoy this wine and, as I type, I have a little buzz that makes me even more amorous. 

Helpful husband tip: "This is a great pouring wine"
(I think he is trying to be more "refined" in his comments... EPIC fail.)


  1. I have nothing interesting to say today, lol! I am tired and sick but I do enjoy my Sunday morning reading :) Do you like white wine? I can't stand it but I love a nice rich red...I'm not picky about the grape, haha!

  2. lol - you had a very busy day yesterday! I loved the cake by the way :) No, I don't really like white wine, although I will sometimes drink it if it is free and the only option.

  3. glad to hear your cold did not interfere with the wine drinking... Maybe the helpful husband is becoming more savvy and taking care with his comments....

  4. You may want to consider upping your consumption after you go back to work. Just saying.