Saturday, October 16, 2010

Casillero del Diablo: Week #9

We're on week #9 and I have to admit I am finding the selection process more difficult.  I find myself wanting to grab those bottles of Black Swan and Wolf Blass to enjoy again, and there are so many on sale which is also enticing.  Do I splurge or cheap out?  Do I venture into a new continent or stick with Australia (which has yet to fail me)?  How can I think with this four year old child babbling on and on and on with his flailing arms getting frighteningly close to glass bottle displays?  How can I make a decision with my husband making contradictory and useless comments?  It's a tough life, I know.

So, we (the whole happy family) walked to the liquor store (in the rain).  It was slightly embarrassing when I got a chastising look from an older lady after Drew's comment of "Hey Mom! Get this one!! This is the stuff you always like to drink! It's your favorite!"  From now one no one but the baby is allowed to come - until he can talk and/or no longer be properly restrained in a stroller, at which point he will immediately be cut from wine selecting ventures.  Helpful husband was quite pushy - and I (in a manner quite unlike me) gave in. Clearly,  I was in a post- 4 year old - birthday party - at an indoor playground -stupor and will claim temporary insanity for my surprisingly submissive nature.  Hubby's pick was a Chilean wine - and I felt it appropriate as:
a) I haven't yet reviewed a Chilean Shiraz
b) it is relevant to this week in history (Chile's mine rescue)
c) it was moderately priced and on sale ($12.99)
d) the alcohol content is 13.5%
e) I could not provide a viable alternative

Casillero del Diablo (Chile, 2008)

A word from the wine:
"A fruity, plump Shiraz full of forest fruits, bitter chocolate and a hint of black pepper"
Next week I may chose the wine based on the use of figurative language.  It is more entertaining. Although I do enjoy picturing the "forest fruits."

My research discovered that this wine was produced by Don Melchor de Concha y Toro (how's THAT for a name?) more than 100 years ago (wait... isn't it a 2008?).  He kept a special reserve of wine just for himself, and in order to keep others away he proclaimed the Devil  lived in his cellar.  Casillero del Diablo = Cellar of the Devil.  Oh, in case you're wondering what my research entails, basically it means not only did I read the BACK of the label, I also read the FRONT.  True Story. 

This wine was alright.  I drank it, I got a buzz, and I didn't complain too much.  It had a pretty short length of flavor, and was definitely more bitter than peppery (I guess true to the label's description).  I thought it was a bit plain, and I wouldn't describe it as "plump" - but the flavor was okay if a bit of a bitter lip smack is your thing. 

Helpful Husband Tip: "It's kinda like that other time when you said that thing about another wine.  Like it tasting like vinegar"


  1. Haha!! I love your blog :) Of course, I am slightly buzzed too, but it makes me laugh. Kevin is offended you didn't take his recommendation (of the sale wine that we've never actually tried, lol!).

  2. good idea to keep Drew out of the liquor store..
    must say you are very entertaining...

  3. I've tried this one as well...didn't really care for it much-only purchased it twice. (just to make sure I REALLY didn't like it.)
    They now have an Australian shiraz--Rosemount. It's the vineyard that Hell's Kichen has promoted on their show as part of the winner's package (They will be a spokesperson on behalf of the winery.) All the reds are a fusion...Shiraz/Merlot ect...Have one in the kitchen, but I opted for the Cabernet/Merlot. Haven't tried it yet, but when I saw the Shiraz, I thought of you! Just a suggestion. :)