Saturday, October 9, 2010

Robertson Winery: Week #8

This wine found me.  Well, a sample lady found me.  I already had Wolf Blass Yellow Label in the stroller (What? Babies find liquor stores amusing) when I was beckoned by the sample lady.  She had a SHIRAZ people!!  This does not happen everyday.  Last week she tried unsuccessfully to get me to drink whiskey at 10am, but this week she had me by the balls.  She said it was the "driest" wine (do I like dry wines?), but the kicker was it was on sale AND that had a stronger alcohol content than most (14%!) - SOLD.  Oh, and I liked the taste too.  I also told her about my little "project" and she seemed intrigued (and her interest was after I put the bottle in the stroller!) so maybe I need some little cards to hand out and confirm my Internet-geek/lonely-alcoholic status.

Robertson Winery (South Africa, 2009)

A word from the wine:
"At Robertson Winery we source our grapes from 43 specially selected grape growers.  Vines are grown in the deep, cool alluvial and rich lime Karoo soils."
Anyone else feel that if you're using grapes from 43 growers, then the selection process is not so "special" after all??  I think I'd be more impressed if they only used grapes from 1 elite grower, know what I mean?  I also don't like that I had to look up two words from this label in order to understand the sentence(alluvial = silty; Karoo = semi-desert region of South Africa).  I like it when wine makes me feel smart, not stupid like I really am.  Isn't that what drinking is all about?

This is not a thick, rich wine.  It has more of a vinegar-like quality to its aftertaste, so it is more sharp than smooth going down.  BUT, I still quite liked it - it had a good amount of flavor and wasn't boring.  Plus, I could really feel that extra .5% alcohol content, which is always appreciated!

Helpful Husband Tip: "It's good"... and (20 minutes later).... "certainly flavorful"
Gee... he's really starting to open up.


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  1. Does it make you feel good that on Sunday mornings I hope that you already have your blog up so I can read it? LOL! And where's my poll for the week? I'm really enjoying your reviews AND I enjoy that you told the sample lady about your blog, heehee :)