Saturday, October 2, 2010

Las Moras: Week #7

Las Moras was a recommendation from a good friend's mother, and I haven't yet ventured into the realm of Argentinean Shiraz, so I decided to go for it.  She had given me two picks, and I originally had the other in hand at the liquor store, but I was swayed by (what else?) the label.  The other label looked like someone had typed it up in Word '98 and printed it off their ink jet.  I realize I am being shallow here, so in a lame attempt to seem more substantial, I will also note that Las Moras won the IWSC Argentinean Wine Producer Trophy in both 2005 & 2008 and I didn't see any such accreditations on the other bottle.  AND it was 14% vs. 13%.  So there!  In any case, on the heels of my $18.99 bottle of Wolf Blass, I knew I wanted to cheap out this week and both bottles were $9.99.  I really had an internal struggle with the pricier Las Moras: Black Label Reserve ($13.49 - a 2007) but decided to stick to my frugal guns. 

Las Moras (Argentina, 2009)

A word from the wine:
"Powerful yet elegant, with sweet tannins leading to a long, linfering finish"
Hmmm... I triple checked and the label does indeed read "linFering finish" - is this a typo or a wine-word that I am unfamiliar with?  Oh, someone will have to explain "tannins" to me as well.

I quite like this as a red wine and would drink it again, but I don't think I would reach for it if I was in dire need of a shiraz - it was just missing that special pep.  It was very smooth and easy to drink, though, and very nice "tipsy factor" - definitely felt after one glass.  I also thought it was more fruity than the others I've tried to this point.  It did have a nice flavor, but it didn't change or linger (or linfer?).  I do think it was a good quality wine for under $10, and might be a good option for someone who doesn't like a spicy shiraz. 

Helpful Husband Tip: "Seems really wet.  Does that make sense?" 
Then he proceeded to pour our second glasses with the cap still on the bottle.


  1. obviously the dear helpful husband should limit himself to one glass......

  2. I get swayed by pretty and interesting labels too.

  3. I love that you referenced word 98. Made my evening!